Thursday, 29 December 2016

Poem, don't sweat it

Don't sweat the small stuff that's what i would say,

how small is small you didn't ask i will tell you anyway,

someone drank my favorite beer i was cooling all day,

my toe nail come off this morning, my rabbit ran away,

forgot my house keys, then forgot my phone,

then left the house with my house slippers on,

and stuck with a stuffy roughdough's nose.

I was late for a date , was drenched cold and wet,

and realize today was not saturday yet.

then came wednesday my boss in a bad mood,

my colleagues however decided to have menopause and endropause together too,

gossiping, nagging, bragging of such,

on who had the worst week so far with no luck,

i whistle away got a cookie instead,

wrote notes on my table so i will not forget,

these small stuff i said it's okay it's fine,

i'm still around to make the next step better each time.

#grateful #blessed #ccsays #rhyme #Sagittarius #love #life #live #positivethinking

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Horse Riding in Johor Bahru

The owner of this lovely mansion belongs to husband and wife Sennett and Agness,
They are the friendliest people there. We felt like home during our 2 day 1 night stay here. 
You can easily view more pictures in there website that i will link in the end of the post. 
i rate 9/10
so lets have the budget breakdown begin

Total: RM1842.44 for two person  
Including 1 breakfast, 1 dinner, 1 lunch, 
1 horse riding lesson per person
1 riding trail per person

We were lucky that it was a very nice 2 days
Relaxing and away from the hustle and bustle.

oh ya, so the room is clean and cosy, although a little rundown looking (just a little). it has a cottage kind of feel when we first walked in.
They do have basic toiletries so dont worry about that (shampoo and soap)

This place is also quite known for wedding couples to have their wedding photo taken here.

Fruits are freashly chosen . Agnes says that the menu especially the set meals are determine by what is fresh when she is at the market.

 There are flies in the dining area unfortuanely. There is a pool table aswell if you are bored. but i think this place would be great if 1. you want some peace and quite, some alone time or privert relaxing time. 2. have a couple of friends over and have a barbeque here at the ranch would be fun too.

 The owners are riders as well

 we had steak and a fish for dinner, i didnt take any pictures cos i didnt want to ruin the lovely evening with my lovely man :)

 This apple crumble ice cream is really REALLY good :) very generous with the ingredience.

 The place is so nice, we decided to stay a little long for lunch, additional lunch set is RM 79 = RM 158 for two of us. Every set comes with a drink, appetizer, main course and homemade dessert by Agnes.

Telephone  -  +607 652 5330,
Email us at -

Monday, 14 November 2016

KACYO Singapore 花蝶 - a meal filled with surprises

Atmosphere: Light, fresh, easy going and open 
Great for first date, friends gathering, for family with kids theres privet room that you can book.

In this blog we had tried 3 different sake, so the first sake we had before we started our meal was this... which i strongly recommend to start with between the other 2 sake that we had later on. Why this bottle in specific is because it is fermented naturally compare to some of the other in the list, meaning the gas in this cold sake is not pumped in. For those who like champagne, sparkling or ice wine, you might like this as well.

so lets start our first dish from the set called Omasake.

Bamboo shoot with Japanese Spanish mackerel eggs, the eggs are really my favourite, it is so crunchy. next is Yam that has been mince and dice and turn into a ball deep fried, with its sauce which is a perfect combination together, and next who wouldn't know steam egg topped with fish egg, and the magic of this Chawanmushi is the left.

Braise Beef, a little salty that day

Rose sparkling Sake

This is Really really juicy and soft, all the other vegetables actually has its own distinct tastes and flavor, different in temperature too
I wouldn't recommend this, but if you happen to be adventures and thinking of giving this a try, then you probably want to clarify with them how to go about this, haha looks simple sound simple but the taste was unexpectedly on the salty side. my suggestion, 1 part fish 2 part rice, be dainty and eat small potion at a time. lol

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Hardtimes are Blessing too

I just realized many would pray for blessing you know the "be happy happy and all", then at down times we pray for guidance and all, you know la. But
We don't pray for hard times(I know who in the right mind would want that), but when you ask for hard times, your faith will be tested, when your  vulnerable, at your weakest, being tear apart and that only lifting heavy makes you stronger right. Hahaha not that I'm asking for hard times anytime soon, I have faith that God would put me where He knows I will grow.  It's just a random thought that pass by. So if you are in hard times, you are actually being blessed,because through this hard times you are going to grow and that is why you are having a hard time(you think it's easy for a tiny weed to wiggle out it's seed and wiggle through that thick soil?). Take the hard time, go through it knowing your not walking alone, He would put you there is putting His attention to you,for He will not forget nor forsake you. #Amen #inspiration #angelpassby #amin #saggitarius #love #life #live #yournotalone #walkwithyou #godbless #blessed #grateful

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Packing toiletries - Manado diving trip

Tasik Ria Spa Resort and Diving is where we are heading to this weekend. And here is how i packed :) . 
  1.  I emailed the resort just to double confirm what kind of toiletries they already have that's only because their gallery on their website didn't show any. The Things i have packed here as you can see are pre packed before the Resort reply (Because im just too excited)
  2. The idea is to pack as light as i can. I have this pet peeves for new things, like the Laneige sample packs and miacare acne patch, i like to keep them then to used them silly isn't, tell me if you do that too. Anyway, i decided to let them go and make my travel kit lighter. things are meant to be used anyway, and it does feel good using new things isn't hehe
  • Make Up Remover --- Not that im putting on make up, its for removing the sunblock. so i packed mine in that little round bb cushion bottle to save space.
  • Normal Face Wash--- im using Naruko peeling gel on a daily basis, i just feel damn good everytime i see dead skin hahah makes me feel like i really washed my face clean. i fell in love with this product, if you haven't try,  your missing out honey :) and because my skin will be in salt water all day  i also brought another small SK2 cleansing cream for another round of wash ( i had pimples popping slowy from past experience, salt water no no for skin)
  • SK2 lotion/ toner
  • SK2 Pitera --- everyday in the sea water and under the sun, your skin will thank you for this
  • Laneige moistiorizer, DAY and Night.
  • Naruko day eye cream, and Laneige Night eye cream.
  • Sunblock from natural republic 

Next is my medicine kit, more sunblocks, shower gel, Argon oil for hair (the salt water is going to dry out the hair) . I use Ikea zip lock bags for the sunblocks and all, just be careful, Ikea bags are not as strong as i hope they are. 

MEDICINE KIT - Breakdown

  • something for the tummy ( the worst thing to have is diarrhea when your on a vacation, right~)
  • Fast active pain reliever 
  • antiseptic gel
  • plasters
  • tweezer ( very handy, trust me)
  • lozenges
  • all packed in a transparent dentist pack

  • Im most probably going to put the Gatsby Face wipes in my bag to wipe tables instead (because its smaple from year 2013 hahha)
  • Disposal tooth brush for me (hopefully the resort has some, is yes then i don't have to pack any toothbrushes.
  • same goes with cotton pads
  • shaver 
  • mouth wash 
  • tooth paste --- ( good for defogging our diving mask - i put the tooth paste on the diving mask few days before the actual diving day works better i feel)
  • Tooth flossing --- my savior  

By the end of our trip, our bags should be a little lighter :) And then last but not least, i fit everything in this bag :) Voila !!! 

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

People will most likely listen to you when...

Dear lovers, “say it when you mean it, say it with sincerity” if not your words are just another set of empty words.  For example : if your a newbie playing basketball and u know u suck, i know u suck, and you complaint waiting for a respond, i would encourage " good try, dont worry practice makes progress". If your good with loops and you always aim well i would praise : "Good job, well done"... but if i were to praise all the time or condemned all the time then my words no longer has an impact, and im pretty sure you wouldn't give 2 cent of what i have to say at all, am i right?  Be sincere, honest but kind. Dont go destroy people's hopes and dreams, encourage them, lift them but dont bring them to the clouds and watch them fall through, guide them as you go. I dont say certain things just because you say it to me, "hey charlene nice dress" i say thank you. But if i sincerely think you got some lovely shoes, i would say it. If not I'll end it with "thank you".  I make it a habit to speak sincerely, and if there's nothing good to say, keep quiet. When im caught off guard asking me a question I'll say "aw man... why you have to ask me that haha... okay... are you ready..." truth hurts but always end with something positive  :) so be sincere from the heart or else let the silent be golden. #love #life #live #grateful #blessed #encouragement #motivation #believe #positivethinking #optimism #God #lord  #Sagittarius #inspire #inspiration #quotes #encourage #inspire #inspiration #encouragement #positive #Sagittarius #gratitude #beautiful #gorgeous #relationship #ccsays

Compliment the deserves before they give up

Dear lovers...Today, tell someone that you appreciate them, tell them you like to work with them and tell them why.  I have co-workers turn friends who has a natural bond and need not words but i still tell them how great they are. I have met people who i collaborate with and i felt they are good i compliment them. I have praised service people for being kind and doing a wonderful job in what they are doing, i have told waiters to send my compliments to chefs in the kitchen, i have specifically told managers how good they have trained their staff and which particular waiter who walked that extra mile to make my dining experience more delightful. The thing is, your compliments maybe simple but you would never know that the person who receives it had no clue how important and great they are. They could be in the urge of quitting, but with your praise and compliments, they would have realize that they too made a difference and that what they do daily is worth doing afterall. You dont have to wait till they are gone, till the funeral to say what impact big or small they have made on you to tell them that. Take that little time and tell your family, your friends, a stranger , a co worker how great they make you feel, how happy you like to work with ,how much you appreciate them... before its too late.