Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Compliment the deserves before they give up

Dear lovers...Today, tell someone that you appreciate them, tell them you like to work with them and tell them why.  I have co-workers turn friends who has a natural bond and need not words but i still tell them how great they are. I have met people who i collaborate with and i felt they are good i compliment them. I have praised service people for being kind and doing a wonderful job in what they are doing, i have told waiters to send my compliments to chefs in the kitchen, i have specifically told managers how good they have trained their staff and which particular waiter who walked that extra mile to make my dining experience more delightful. The thing is, your compliments maybe simple but you would never know that the person who receives it had no clue how important and great they are. They could be in the urge of quitting, but with your praise and compliments, they would have realize that they too made a difference and that what they do daily is worth doing afterall. You dont have to wait till they are gone, till the funeral to say what impact big or small they have made on you to tell them that. Take that little time and tell your family, your friends, a stranger , a co worker how great they make you feel, how happy you like to work with ,how much you appreciate them... before its too late.

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