Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Hardtimes are Blessing too

I just realized many would pray for blessing you know the "be happy happy and all", then at down times we pray for guidance and all, you know la. But
We don't pray for hard times(I know who in the right mind would want that), but when you ask for hard times, your faith will be tested, when your  vulnerable, at your weakest, being tear apart and that only lifting heavy makes you stronger right. Hahaha not that I'm asking for hard times anytime soon, I have faith that God would put me where He knows I will grow.  It's just a random thought that pass by. So if you are in hard times, you are actually being blessed,because through this hard times you are going to grow and that is why you are having a hard time(you think it's easy for a tiny weed to wiggle out it's seed and wiggle through that thick soil?). Take the hard time, go through it knowing your not walking alone, He would put you there is putting His attention to you,for He will not forget nor forsake you. #Amen #inspiration #angelpassby #amin #saggitarius #love #life #live #yournotalone #walkwithyou #godbless #blessed #grateful

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