Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Packing toiletries - Manado diving trip

Tasik Ria Spa Resort and Diving is where we are heading to this weekend. And here is how i packed :) . 
  1.  I emailed the resort just to double confirm what kind of toiletries they already have that's only because their gallery on their website didn't show any. The Things i have packed here as you can see are pre packed before the Resort reply (Because im just too excited)
  2. The idea is to pack as light as i can. I have this pet peeves for new things, like the Laneige sample packs and miacare acne patch, i like to keep them then to used them silly isn't, tell me if you do that too. Anyway, i decided to let them go and make my travel kit lighter. things are meant to be used anyway, and it does feel good using new things isn't hehe
  • Make Up Remover --- Not that im putting on make up, its for removing the sunblock. so i packed mine in that little round bb cushion bottle to save space.
  • Normal Face Wash--- im using Naruko peeling gel on a daily basis, i just feel damn good everytime i see dead skin hahah makes me feel like i really washed my face clean. i fell in love with this product, if you haven't try,  your missing out honey :) and because my skin will be in salt water all day  i also brought another small SK2 cleansing cream for another round of wash ( i had pimples popping slowy from past experience, salt water no no for skin)
  • SK2 lotion/ toner
  • SK2 Pitera --- everyday in the sea water and under the sun, your skin will thank you for this
  • Laneige moistiorizer, DAY and Night.
  • Naruko day eye cream, and Laneige Night eye cream.
  • Sunblock from natural republic 

Next is my medicine kit, more sunblocks, shower gel, Argon oil for hair (the salt water is going to dry out the hair) . I use Ikea zip lock bags for the sunblocks and all, just be careful, Ikea bags are not as strong as i hope they are. 

MEDICINE KIT - Breakdown

  • something for the tummy ( the worst thing to have is diarrhea when your on a vacation, right~)
  • Fast active pain reliever 
  • antiseptic gel
  • plasters
  • tweezer ( very handy, trust me)
  • lozenges
  • all packed in a transparent dentist pack

  • Im most probably going to put the Gatsby Face wipes in my bag to wipe tables instead (because its smaple from year 2013 hahha)
  • Disposal tooth brush for me (hopefully the resort has some, is yes then i don't have to pack any toothbrushes.
  • same goes with cotton pads
  • shaver 
  • mouth wash 
  • tooth paste --- ( good for defogging our diving mask - i put the tooth paste on the diving mask few days before the actual diving day works better i feel)
  • Tooth flossing --- my savior  

By the end of our trip, our bags should be a little lighter :) And then last but not least, i fit everything in this bag :) Voila !!! 

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