Monday, 14 November 2016

KACYO Singapore 花蝶 - a meal filled with surprises

Atmosphere: Light, fresh, easy going and open 
Great for first date, friends gathering, for family with kids theres privet room that you can book.

In this blog we had tried 3 different sake, so the first sake we had before we started our meal was this... which i strongly recommend to start with between the other 2 sake that we had later on. Why this bottle in specific is because it is fermented naturally compare to some of the other in the list, meaning the gas in this cold sake is not pumped in. For those who like champagne, sparkling or ice wine, you might like this as well.

so lets start our first dish from the set called Omasake.

Bamboo shoot with Japanese Spanish mackerel eggs, the eggs are really my favourite, it is so crunchy. next is Yam that has been mince and dice and turn into a ball deep fried, with its sauce which is a perfect combination together, and next who wouldn't know steam egg topped with fish egg, and the magic of this Chawanmushi is the left.

Braise Beef, a little salty that day

Rose sparkling Sake

This is Really really juicy and soft, all the other vegetables actually has its own distinct tastes and flavor, different in temperature too
I wouldn't recommend this, but if you happen to be adventures and thinking of giving this a try, then you probably want to clarify with them how to go about this, haha looks simple sound simple but the taste was unexpectedly on the salty side. my suggestion, 1 part fish 2 part rice, be dainty and eat small potion at a time. lol

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