Thursday, 29 December 2016

Poem, don't sweat it

Don't sweat the small stuff that's what i would say,

how small is small you didn't ask i will tell you anyway,

someone drank my favorite beer i was cooling all day,

my toe nail come off this morning, my rabbit ran away,

forgot my house keys, then forgot my phone,

then left the house with my house slippers on,

and stuck with a stuffy roughdough's nose.

I was late for a date , was drenched cold and wet,

and realize today was not saturday yet.

then came wednesday my boss in a bad mood,

my colleagues however decided to have menopause and endropause together too,

gossiping, nagging, bragging of such,

on who had the worst week so far with no luck,

i whistle away got a cookie instead,

wrote notes on my table so i will not forget,

these small stuff i said it's okay it's fine,

i'm still around to make the next step better each time.

#grateful #blessed #ccsays #rhyme #Sagittarius #love #life #live #positivethinking

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